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Our goal is to make the recruitment process easy, affordable and successful for all parties. By providing the highest standards of quality and service, we are able to ensure a long term and successful business relationship with our clients and candidates.

See what are clients are saying about us.


Energy Savings

Income Fund

Interiors Canada

Our Clients

Raffi Oshagan

President, Garo

We spent countless hours and interviews over many weeks going through nearly every recruitment website around looking for a senior application developer.  The position required a unique blend of technical skills, communication and experience.  We reached out to Penny and Alpha Employment and her team handled it perfectly.  They asked us all the right questions and quickly presented us with an endless stream of great candidates.  We hired one of them and have been very pleased.  I am also impressed with her repeated follow-ups to make sure everything was working out for us.

Sherry Adams


Harris Corporation

We have had the pleasure of being a client of Alpha Employment Solutions since 2003.  Throughout this time, Alpha Employment has gone out of their way to accommodate our specialized searches and unique requests.  In addition to providing qualified and experienced candidates for a range of different positions, in 2005, the Director of Alpha Employment became part of our in-house recruiting team to assist during a very busy time. 

Thank you, Alpha Employment, for the personalized service and commitment to excellence that we have grown to expect from you.

Justin Joseph


Global Marketing

It was truly a pleasure to partner with Penny and Alpha Employment Solutions. Penny was able to find me a perfect placement for a senior executive role within a global organization.  She not only had my best interest in mind, but that of the company’s as well. 

We continue to have Penny recruit for us, and she consistently provides successful long-term placements.  I would highly recommend Alpha Employment Solutions as a topnotch recruiting firm for both employers and employees.

S. Ramkissoon


Customer Retention & Collections

Alpha Employment Solutions has saved us time and provided excellent guidance for our recruiting needs since 2009. While Alpha Employment’s expertise in seeking talent played a huge role in our success at Summitt Energy, it was their proactive approach in taking the time to understand our staffing requirements, and flexibility with fee structure that stood out to us. Alpha not only delivers the right candidates, but also focuses on creating a long-term relationship rather than just filling a vacancy quickly.  Our business agreement with Alpha Employment was extremely competitive and was customized to meet our organization's needs. I can confidently recommend Alpha Employment as a solid and reliable business partner for your recruiting needs.

Di Kellie

Vice President

Billing & Settlements

When Alpha Employment Solutions presents a candidate, they continually put their professional reputation at risk and, as a result, spend hours upon hours reviewing resumes, hunting people down on the phone and then screening them via a personal interview.  Over the years we have run into situations where there was an immediate business requirement for a specific skill set and Alpha Employment has worked around the clock to fill the positions.  

Alpha Employment Solutions has worked with us for so many years that they understand, when it comes to the perfect hire, “fit” is just as key as a candidate’s skills.  If I look around our Operations floor at the staff, I can say that most of them are here because of Alpha Employment.

One of my first interview questions to a candidate is, “So you’ve come to us from Alpha…”, and the response is always …” Penny is the nicest lady I have ever met!  

Patricia Araujo 

Customer Service Supervisor

Interiors Canada

Our Company has been a client of Alpha Employment Solutions for quite some time. Our contact is Penny Vita-Finzi, and she has been extremely helpful in assisting us in finding the right candidates for the job. Her dedication to ensure we are presented with hardworking, determined and top-quality candidates never fails. 


I have and will continue to highly recommend others to contact Penny for their employment needs. 

David Ellis

Former COO

Energy Savings Income Fund

With great success, I have relied on Alpha Employment Solutions for the majority of my staffing needs over the past six years at both Enron Canada Corp. and Energy Savings Income Fund.  Penny Vita-Finzi, Director at Alpha Employment has proven able to consistently provide high quality candidates for a wide variety of positions.  In particular, she has filled positions for me in operations management, business process design, software application analysis, application support, business development, billing, settlement and other operational areas, executive assistance, and customer service. 


One of the great joys of working with Penny over the years has been her ability to weed out all of the mediocre candidates and only present top-quality candidates for interview. Rarely would I need to interview more than 3 people for any particular position.  Penny always took the time to listen to, and fully understand my staffing needs.  I have yet to find a position that Penny has not been able to fill with a top-quality candidate.  She works tirelessly for as long as it takes to find the best and brightest candidates for each position.  Penny has also been very flexible on fee structures and sensitive to budgets for recruiting costs.  She was always willing to negotiate acceptable, competitive fee structures as our recruiting needs changed over time. 

What Our Clients Say About Us
What Our Employess Are Saying About Us

Our Employees

S. Rodriuez

Bilingual Customer Retention Administrator

Alpha Employment was very helpful and on schedule with the time frames to find a job. For someone new to this country or anyone for that matter, Alpha Employment is a company that can give a sense of relief and peace of mind when it comes to job placement. Very pleased with the service and outcome.

Shawn A.

Compliance Specialist

Alpha Employment Solutions not only found me a job, but an opportunity to grow and succeed in a career. By helping me find employment, I grew not only in wisdom, but also within the company due to my recent promotion. It really just takes that one person that puts faith in your capabilities to set you on the right path.


Customer Service Representative

It is a great pleasure to work with Alpha Employment Solutions, especially with Penny.  She was very helpful and provided the support in every detail.  She takes care of us before and after the interview.  It was my best decision to work with Alpha because I had given up trying to find a good job for myself.  But with Alpha, I found my dream job.  Thanks for the amazing service which Penny provided me. Definitely I will rank Alpha 5 stars and I will tell all of my friends to contact Alpha Employment Solutions.  I am so happy I did!


Business Analyst

Thank you very much for your invaluable assistance in my endeavours towards securing a Business Analyst role. I had always believed that I was capable of a much more influential role in the business sector than I had.  However, I could not seem to advertise my talent and find myself an appropriate opportunity.  Fortunately for me, I met you and you were the much-needed conduit between me and my dream job.  Only through your assistance and guidance did I manage to place myself where I intended to be. 
I would confidently recommend anyone to Alpha Employment Solutions to see for themselves the difference they can make.

Lenka B

Operations Supervisor

Over 4 years ago I met Penny and soon after our meeting I was offered an opportunity to work with a growing company.  Today I am with the same company in a management role, loving my work!  Thank you Penny for finding me a great company to work for.

Tracey H.

Direct Support Professional

I was always leery about using an employment agency for my job search.  Then a friend referred me to Alpha Employment Solutions.  Penny is straight-forward, honest and hard-working. She provided resume suggestions, interview tips, and kept me informed of the status of my application throughout the entire process. Unlike other agencies, when I contacted Alpha Employment, I always received a timely call back.  Penny provided both positive and negative feedback, and never promised anything that wasn’t true.  I was able to make an informed decision with regard to my career.  Thank you Penny for your guidance and support in my job search. Thanks to you, I love my job!

Bibi Z

Operations Manager

I would like to thank you, Alpha Employment Solutions, for finding me “the perfect job.”   Not only is the job itself a perfect fit for me, but the company, its people, the environment, and the growth opportunity also match up perfectly with what I was looking for.  I started as an Operations Specialist in 2003, and the next year I was promoted to a Senior Operations Specialist.  In 2005, I was promoted again to a Supervisor.  Currently, I am holding a position of a Manager within the Operations Department.

I have and will continue to recommend you as a recruiter to friends who I believe would make exceptional candidates for your ongoing searches.

My sincerest thanks for a job well done!


Corporate Paralegal

I got my current employment from Alpha Employment Solutions. I now work in a corporation that I once envisioned. I am forever grateful to Penny for her professionalism, sincerity and her genuine caring attitude during the entire process of my hiring. It took her a week to process everything that was necessary for my employment and would continuously update me on the status of my application. Her encouragement and positive attitude made me feel confident and hopeful while I waited for the corporation’s decision. May you continue to be a blessing to others who are looking for a stable and rewarding employment. 

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